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 A Growing List of Articles for Friends and Family



Energy Alternatives

Video, Milton Friedman, on Limited Government

Understanding Free Markets

Why do some earn so much!

Immorality of Antitrust Law

Grover Cleveland, on Welfare


Walter E. Williams,   Prof.  Economics,
George Mason Uni9versity

Milton Friedman, 1976 Nobel Prize for Economic Science, University of Chicago

  Daniel B. Klein, Prof. Economics
George Mason University

Lawrence W. Reed, President, Mackinac Center for Public Policy




Follow Argentina's Economic Disaster?

Iraq - Opinion

Secure our Boarders! Listen

    FDR's D-day Prayer  Listen

Why S-1348 Boarder Security Bill is Wrong! (2007)

On Global Warming


A Storm coming... !

MLK Speach

Unintended Consequences

Palm Oil - Dream Fuel or Eco Nightmare

Biofuels at What Cost

Global Warming, Be Informed








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